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Woman pointing masticatory muscle Injectables - November 2022

Bruxism: Treatment of teeth grinding

Bruxism is a common problem, especially in young adulthood. Every fifth adult is affected. A distinction is made between teeth grinding and teeth clenching. However, there is also a pure tensing of the... read more
Corona Update Corona - April 2022

Corona update: mandatory masks, vaccination and BTX®

In this post you will always find the latest corona update for my practice. Here I keep you up to date on BTX® and filler treatments in connection with the current corona situation, the... read more
Woman frowns Injectables - March 2022

Behaviour after toxin treatment:
Do's and Don'ts

Wrinkle treatments with BTX® are well-tolerated and very effective medical treatments. As with any medical procedure, your behaviour after the wrinkle treatment and following the doctor's instructions is important to... read more
Winter is the time for a chemical peel Skin treatment - December 2021

Winter is the best time for a chemical peel

After a chemical peel, you should avoid the sun as much as possible. The often cloudy and dark weather in late autumn and winter comes in handy. Even "normal" skin can be... read more
SkinPen Microneedling in Munich Microneedling - November 2021

Collagen induction therapy with SkinPen ® Medical Needling

Collagen is the most abundant and important structural protein in our body. It forms a network of fibres that is instrumental in building plump, smooth skin. Now it is unfortunately the case that with... read more
Skincare - March 2021

SOS Maskne: This helps with mask acne!

Maskne (mask acne) is a common problem in the Corona pandemic that will probably be with us for some time. Under the mouth-nose shield, i.e. in the area of the cheeks, nose, chin and neck,... read more
Wrinkle Treatment Décolleté Munich Injectables - August 2020

Skinboosters for a beautiful décolleté

When it comes to aesthetic treatments, most of us think of the face first. Yet the décolleté (along with the neck and hands) is one of the skin areas where signs of ageing such as wrinkles, thinning skin... read more
Skincare - July 2020

The ABC of beautiful skin - 3 active ingredients

Active ingredients (also: active ingredients, actives) are cosmetic ingredients that can actively improve one or more skin problems, with scientifically proven effects. "Actives" can already be included in moisturiser... read more
Armpit Botox Munich Injectables - July 2020

Underarm BTX® instead of antiperspirant

Sweating is an important and completely normal bodily function, because our body regulates its temperature in a completely natural way through sweating. We speak of hyperhidrosis (or increased perspiration) when... read more
Corona - June 2020

Hygiene measures

The measures to successfully contain the COVID-19 pandemic in Bavaria have largely been scaled back and everyday social life is beginning to recover. With the beginning of summer, the time has come again to... read more
Video consultation Munich Corona - June 2020

Video consultation

Get advice on my treatments in the video consultation! A video call is also ideal for follow-up appointments after a treatment and also saves the time and trouble of travelling to... read more

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