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Collagen induction therapy with SkinPen ® Medical Needling

Collagen induction therapy with SkinPen ® Medical Needling

Collagen is the most abundant and important structural protein in our body. It forms a network of fibres that plays a major role in building plump, smooth skin. Unfortunately, the collagen content of our skin gradually decreases from our mid-20s onwards, at a rate of about 1 % per year. The consequences are skin sagging, wrinkles and enlarged pores. SkinPen ® Microneedling (medical microneedling = medical needling) offers a possibility to stimulate the natural collagen formation of the skin and to counteract these unwanted changes.


How does collagen induction therapy (K-I-T) work?

With SkinPen ® microneedling, fine needles made of surgical steel cause controlled micro-injuries to the middle layer of the skin. This is where the collagen-forming cells are located. The natural wound healing processes release growth factors, which in turn stimulate collagen and elastin fibre production. This is called collagen induction therapy (K-I-T). The new collagen makes the skin firmer and tighter. These processes begin shortly after treatment and continue for several months.

SkinPen Microneedling for collagen formation Munich
Collagen induction therapy with SkinPen ® Medical Needling


Advantages of SkinPen ® Medical Needling

It is a regenerative procedure that uses the skin's own repair ability. Regular microneedling treatments with the SkinPen ® result in a significant improvement of the skin structure. Wrinkle formation is prevented, existing wrinkles and hyperpigmentation are reduced and the pores are refined.

Is there a risk of infection?

This is as good as impossible. For medical needling in my practice in Munich, I use the infinitely adjustable SkinPen ®, which offers a maximum of safe treatment with its sterile-packed disposable attachments and its sealed housing. Cross-contamination is virtually impossible. In addition, a medical needling treatment is carried out under the same sterile conditions as a surgical wound treatment.

Is needling with the SkinPen ® painful?

With the SkinPen ®, the needling depth can be individually adjusted for the respective facial region (or body part). It is by no means the case that our skin has the same thickness everywhere. Even if small scars are to be treated, the penetration depth of the needles must be increased accordingly. Don't worry - with a special anaesthetic cream, no pain is to be expected even with a deeper needling in places.


SkinPen collagen induction therapy in Munich
SkinPen ® by Crown Aesthetics

What are the side effects of medical needling?

There is virtually none. The downtime after treatment with the SkinPen ® in my practice in Munich is minimal and comparable to a sunburn, i.e. a one to two day reddening of the skin with a slight feeling of tightness. If you are prone to herpes, you may need to take prophylactic medication. Medical needling with the SkinPen ® is a very safe treatment and can be performed on all Fitzpatrick skin types all year round.


Cost of SkinPen ® Microneedling

The cost of medical microneedling in my practice in Munich starts at around €200 per treatment. If several treatments are carried out in a certain period of time, then the consultation and examination costs are lower and the costs for follow-up treatments are correspondingly lower. If needling is also to be combined with mesotherapy boosters or PRP, then additional costs will be incurred.

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