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Natural Filler Treatments

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Hyaluronic acid is a sugar molecule that naturally makes up an important component of the extracellular matrix of skin and soft tissue. The body's own hyaluronic acid stores moisture in the skin and gives it a fresh, plump appearance. Sagging facial areas and wrinkles can be filled with bioidentical hyaluronic gel. Structure and volume can be built up. Preventive measures can be taken to counteract sagging facial areas. The goals of my hyaluron treatments are a naturally healthy appearance and the creation of balance and proportion. Hyaluron fillers have an immediate effect.

Tired and exhausted appearance due to loss of volume

Due to ageing processes, the hyaluronic acid content of the skin already begins to decrease from the late 20s. Structural fat deposits in the face also lose volume. This leads to wrinkles and sagging skin. The proportions change. The cheek area becomes flatter, the lower eyelid area visually longer - depending on predisposition and bone structure, the face can take on a tired and sunken appearance. The lips also become narrower with age. Hyaluronic acid fillers offer a good treatment option here, because the hyaluronic acid they contain is similar to the natural hyaluronic acid in the skin. Thus, hyaluronic acid injections can fill out parts of the face and soften wrinkles.


Doesn't it look artificial or "sprayed on"?

Most of my patients don't want to look "different". They don't necessarily want you to notice that something has been done, they just want to look fresher and more rested. I feel the same way, so I can understand this wish. The aim of a filler treatment in my practice in Munich is to emphasise and preserve the natural beauty of a face. Important here is a precise analysis of the individual anatomy and the targeted use of small amounts of hyaluronic acid fillers. Often a gradual build-up makes the most sense and leads to the desired natural result with good durability.

FAQ - Questions about natural hyaluronic filler treatments by Dr Eva Jablonka in Munich

Is a treatment with hyaluronic acid painful?

Before a hyaluronic acid treatment in my practice in Munich, I apply an anaesthetic cream to the corresponding areas. The hyaluronic acid filler itself also contains lidocaine for local anaesthesia. This makes the filler treatment very painless and well tolerable.

What should be considered before a filler treatment?

I recommend not taking ASA (aspirin) and, if possible, also ibuprofen or diclofenac in the week before a hyaluron treatment. Medically prescribed medication must not be discontinued under any circumstances! In this case, an individual decision is necessary. Some food supplements such as omega 3, gingko, goji berries and bromelain can also prolong the bleeding time and should be paused before a wrinkle injection.

When should filler treatment not be carried out?

In case of an acute infection (e.g. cold), no filler treatment should be carried out. After a viral infection, one should be symptom-free for three days. After a bacterial infection or root canal treatment, you should wait two weeks. Filler treatment should not be done while taking antibiotics. After a vaccination that strongly activates the immune system, such as the flu or COVID vaccinations, one should wait three weeks before a hyaluron treatment. During the acute phase of an autoimmune disease, no injections with hyaluronic acid should be performed. In the case of an allergic disposition or the permanent intake of cortisone or other immunosuppressants, a decision must be made on a case-by-case basis.

What do I have to do after a hyaluron treatment?

After a filler treatment in my practice in Munich, no sports should be done for 24 hours. Sauna, hot baths/showers, sunbathing and large amounts of alcohol should also be avoided for a few days until the swelling has gone down. Cosmetic treatments and facial massages are taboo for four weeks.

When will I be socially acceptable again?

As a rule, immediately. But it depends on what exactly you mean by this. The anaesthetic cream and skin disinfection can cause redness. Slight swelling and bruising can never be ruled out, especially with a lip treatment with hyaluronic acid. For the first hyaluronic acid treatment, it may be advisable to schedule it before a weekend or a home office day. Then you can better estimate the individual tendency to swelling in the future. A filler treatment should not be carried out in the two weeks before an important event.

How much does a filler treatment cost?

The price of a hyaluronic acid injection in my practice in Munich depends on the effort and the amount of material used. Per millilitre you can expect about 280 - 390 €, depending on the treated region. Some regions, such as the lower jawline (Jawline), need quite a lot of filler, so the actual costs are higher there.

How long do the results of a filler treatment last?

The result of a hyaluronic acid injection lasts between six and 18 months, depending on the region and the filler. In the case of very deep wrinkles, a gradual build-up can be useful. In this case, the top-up can be carried out earlier (from four weeks after the initial treatment).

What are the risks of hyaluron treatment?

The most common side effects of injections with hyaluronic acid fillers are small bruises and swellings. These usually disappear after 5-7 days and can be easily covered up by then. Serious complications such as infections or blood vessel occlusions are very rare. The risk can be minimised by the injection technique.

When Hyaluron and when BTX® for wrinkle treatment?

Hyaluron and BTX® are both suitable for wrinkle treatment. However, they differ greatly in their mode of action. With hyaluronic acid fillers, wrinkles can be injected directly and softened, such as a deep nasolabial fold. Sagging facial areas and lost volume can also be treated with hyaluron. BTX® causes a temporary muscle relaxation and is therefore particularly suitable for expression lines that are caused by muscle pull on the skin. This is typically the case with wrinkles in the forehead and eye area (frown lines, horizontal forehead wrinkles, "crow's feet"). There are regions where a combination of hyaluron and BTX® makes sense.

Which areas can be treated with hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluron fillers have the consistency of a gel. They are available in different strengths. Depending on the degree of cross-linking, a distinction is made between softer fillers for plumping up the skin and firmer fillers for replacing volume and modelling facial contours. With hyaluronic acid, wrinkles can be injected directly. This is the case with the filler treatment of nasolabial folds, wrinkles at the corners of the mouth and dark circles under the eyes. On the other hand, hyaluronic fillers can be used to replace lost volume and thus tighten the skin ("liquid lift"), for example in the cheek and temple area. In this way, a wrinkle-smoothing effect can also be achieved indirectly with hyaluronic acid fillers. Hyaluronic acid fillers are also suitable for building up lip volume and modelling the chin and lower jaw contour (Jawline treatment). In some areas, the combination of a hyaluronic acid filler treatment with other methods can be useful. I will be happy to advise you individually about the possibilities of a hyaluronic acid treatment in my practice in Munich.

Here is an overview of my filler treatments:


Lip modelling

Beautiful and full lips are a common wish. Hyaluron treatment can emphasise the natural shape and contour of the lips. A loss of volume due to ageing processes can be...

Treatment of nasolabial and mouth wrinkles

Every human face, even a baby's, has nasolabial folds, while the wrinkles at the corners of the mouth (also known as marionette lines or Merkel wrinkles) usually only appear from the middle...

Cheek modelling

The treatment of the cheek area with hyaluronic acid leads to very beautiful results, as this area is particularly prone to unwanted changes due to (premature) ageing processes.

Treatment of dark circles

Circles or dark shadows under the eyes can have various causes. The so-called tear trough may be deepened due to predisposition. Transparency of the thin skin around the...

Chin and Jawline Treatment

Treating the chin and lower jawline with hyaluronic fillers can provide more balance in the profile and give the entire face more definition. Besides the...

Liquid Lift

Skin sagging and wrinkles in the facial area lead to a tired and exhausted appearance. Many people find this disturbing. However, the reason for this is...
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