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Muscle retraining with BTX®

Botox with natural result Munich

Treatment with BTX® (botulinum) is more than wrinkle smoothing and prevention. In addition to overactive muscles, the drug can also relax sweat glands (e.g. in the armpit area), as in hyperhidrosis. Wrinkle treatment with BTX® brings about a new muscular balance with more balance and attractiveness. It prevents the development of dynamic wrinkles into static ones. This is the preventive effect of BTX® on wrinkle formation. With regular BTX® treatment, however, even wrinkles that are already "buried" can smooth out. You just need a little more patience. BTX® does not work immediately. The effect sets in after two to seven days and reaches its maximum effect after about 10 - 14 days.


Doesn't BTX® look artificial?

The "frozen" forehead often seen in Hollywood in the 00s is not at all to my personal taste. But it doesn't have to be like that. It is possible to calm the muscle activity with BTX® so that facial expressions in the forehead area are still possible.


The BTX® technique for natural facial expressions

I adapt the dosage and the injection points individually to the anatomy of your face. The aim of my BTX® treatments in my practice in Munich is to maintain or gently "retrain" the natural facial expressions. Sometimes you have to feel your way to the right dose. For this reason, an optional follow-up appointment can be booked after 14 days for wrinkle injections with BTX®. The treatment price depends on the necessary dose and treatment effort.


But... BTX® is a poison!

BTX® is a biologically produced protein of the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. If it is produced "uncontrolled" in nature and ingested accidentally, it can indeed cause acute poisoning. However, in medicine, "the dose makes the poison." As a controlled substance, BTX® is a safe drug that has been tried and tested over decades. The treatment spectrum of BTX® ranges from ophthalmology to neurology (treatment of migraine, spastic paralysis). The dosages used in aesthetic medicine are comparatively low. Wrinkle treatments with BTX® are among the most frequent treatments in my practice in Munich.

FAQ - Questions about BTX® treatments with Dr Eva Jablonka in Munich

How does a BTX® treatment work?

Before a BTX® treatment in my practice in Munich, a few photos are taken for the treatment documentation. Then I disinfect the area to be treated. Anaesthetic cream is usually not necessary as the needle is extremely fine and the amount of injected fluid is very small. The injection points are precisely marked. A slight burning sensation may be felt during the BTX® injection. The actual treatment then takes only a few minutes.

What do I have to consider before a wrinkle treatment?

I recommend not taking ASA (aspirin) and, if possible, ibuprofen or diclofenac in the week before a BTX® treatment. Medically prescribed medication must not be discontinued! In this case, an individual decision is necessary. Some food supplements, such as omega 3, gingko, goji berries and bromelain, can also have an effect on the bleeding time and should be paused before a wrinkle injection. In case of an acute cold or directly after a vaccination (COVID, flu), no treatment should be performed.

How long do the results of BTX® treatment last?

As a rule, the result lasts about 3-4 months, with slight variations. Important to know: the more facial expressions are still possible after the treatment, the shorter the result will last. But it looks more natural. Repeated treatments in the forehead area can lead to a "re-training" of the muscles. You get more or less used to the wrinkle-forming facial expressions. Then the result of the wrinkle treatment lasts longer, about 5-6 months. With the Masseter-BTX® and hyperhidrosis treatment, a longer durability is also possible.

What do I do after treatment?

After a BTX® treatment, the treated area should not be massaged for 24 hours (no facial massage, no peeling). I recommend avoiding sports, sauna, hot baths/showers and large amounts of alcohol for at least 24 hours.

When will I be socially acceptable again after BTX® treatment?

After 30 - 45 minutes at the latest. Immediately after the BTX® treatment, there are small reddenings and swellings (like mosquito bites) at the injection sites, but these disappear quickly.

What are the risks of BTX® treatment?

Wrinkle injection with BTX® in my practice in Munich is very low-risk. It is not the rule, but small bruises can occur, especially when treating the upper forehead and eye wrinkles. These can be concealed well with concealer. Unwanted severe muscle weakening can be avoided by the targeted application and injection technique during wrinkle injection. There is no risk of permanent damage as the effect wears off after a few months.

When is BTX® suitable for wrinkle treatment and when hyaluronic acid?

BTX® is particularly suitable for the treatment of mimic wrinkles in the upper third of the face (frown lines, horizontal forehead wrinkles and eye wrinkles, so-called "crow's feet"). These are all wrinkles that are caused by direct muscle pull on the skin. By injecting BTX®, the muscles are temporarily relaxed and the skin can no longer be "wrinkled" so much. In the middle and lower third of the face, hyaluronic acid is mainly used for wrinkle treatment. Sometimes the combination with other treatment methods can also lead to the desired result.

Which areas can be treated with BTX®?

In addition to the "classic" aesthetic BTX® treatments to reduce frown lines, forehead wrinkles and lateral eye wrinkles (crow's feet), botulinum is used in other areas. These include the Gummy Smile treatment, the treatment of a pronounced chin muscle ("strawberry chin") or, in the case of a narrow upper lip, the "lip flip". Other areas of treatment include the masseter muscle for bruxism and facial narrowing and the underarm area for hyperhidrosis. I will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of wrinkle treatment in my practice in Munich.

Here is an overview of my BTX® treatments:


Botox in the frown lines and forehead area

Wrinkles in the forehead and frown lines are mainly caused by overactive facial expressions. Mostly unconsciously, we tense the muscles between our forehead and forehead when we are concentrating, for example....

Botox for eye wrinkles

Eye wrinkles or smile lines are among the most common early signs of ageing. If they are pronounced or to prevent the formation of "crow's feet", these dynamic wrinkles can be treated with targeted...

Botox in the lip area

In the case of a so-called gummy smile, a lot of gum becomes visible when laughing. An alternative treatment to surgical treatment is the targeted injection of botulinum into the...

Masseter Botox

In habitual teeth grinding and clenching (bruxism), the large muscles of mastication are excessively active. Patients often suffer from pain and tension. Bruxism not only leads to tooth damage,...

Botox Brow Lift

Uneven or low eyebrows can have several causes. If there is overactivity of the eye ring muscle, then a lifting of the eyebrows can be achieved through targeted Botox injections.

Botox mouth and neck treatment

The muscle tone of the large superficial neck muscle may be increased. As a result, more longitudinal cords become visible on the neck and the lower jaw contour becomes increasingly blurred.

Botox in the nose area

Disturbing wrinkles on the bridge of the nose can be treated with botulinum. Likewise, a nose tip that drops sharply when laughing or speaking can be an indication for treatment.

Underarm Botox

Botulinum can calm sweat glands in addition to overactive muscles. Especially for hyperhidrosis of the armpits, the treatment is very painless and extremely effective.
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