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Botox in the frown lines and forehead area

Wrinkles in the forehead and frown lines are mainly caused by overactive facial expressions. Mostly unconsciously, we tense the muscles between our forehead and forehead when we are concentrating, for example....

Full face treatment

Skin sagging and wrinkles in the facial area lead to a tired and exhausted appearance. Many people find this disturbing. However, the reason for this is...

Treatment of nasolabial and mouth wrinkles

Every human face, even a baby's, has nasolabial folds, while the wrinkles at the corners of the mouth (also known as marionette lines or Merkel wrinkles) usually only appear from the middle...

Cheek modelling

The treatment of the cheek area with hyaluronic acid leads to very beautiful results, as this area is particularly prone to unwanted changes due to (premature) ageing processes.

Botox in the lip area

In the case of a so-called gummy smile, a lot of gum becomes visible when laughing. An alternative treatment to surgical treatment is the targeted injection of botulinum into the...

Masseter Botox

In habitual teeth grinding and clenching (bruxism), the large muscles of mastication are excessively active. Patients often suffer from pain and tension. Bruxism not only leads to tooth damage,...

Botox Brow Lift

Uneven or low eyebrows can have several causes. If there is overactivity of the eye ring muscle, then a lifting of the eyebrows can be achieved through targeted Botox injections.

Chin and Jawline Treatment

Treating the chin and lower jawline with hyaluronic fillers can provide more balance in the profile and give the entire face more definition. Besides the...

Botox mouth and neck treatment

The muscle tone of the large superficial neck muscle may be increased. As a result, more longitudinal cords become visible on the neck and the lower jaw contour becomes increasingly blurred.

Botox in the nose area

Disturbing wrinkles on the bridge of the nose can be treated with botulinum. Likewise, a nose tip that drops sharply when laughing or speaking can be an indication for treatment.
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