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Cheek modelling

Cheek modelling Munich

The treatment of the cheek region with hyaluronic acid leads to very beautiful results, as unwanted changes due to (premature) ageing processes occur particularly frequently in this area. These lead to a flattening of the cheek region, which is convex in the youthful face, which can have effects on the entire rest of the face.

Definition of the lateral cheek region

On the one hand, the cheekbone region, i.e. the cheekbones, can be contoured with hyaluron fillers. This can also emphasise a convexity that one otherwise tries to create with highlighter and contouring when applying make-up. This often has an additional optical lifting effect on the nasolabial folds.

Volume building of the middle cheek area

A loss of volume in the mid-cheek area can give the face an exhausted and tired appearance. This volume can be restored with hyaluronic acid. This can even improve the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. An individual consultation and treatment planning of the cheek region can take place in a personal consultation.

Treatment duration: 45 min (with exposure time of the anaesthetic cream)

Onset of action: immediate

Downtime: none, swelling / bruising possible

Repetition: varies from person to person, depending on the course of the ageing process

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