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Injectable Moisturizers

Profhilo Skinbooster Munich

The production of the body's own hyaluronic acid steadily decreases from the age of 25. As a result, the skin loses its elasticity and often appears noticeably thinner and flabbier. It may tend to wrinkle more, for example around the cheeks and mouth. Injectable Moisturizers are thin-flowing bioidentical hyaluronic acid formulations for injection into the deep skin layer.


Mode of action of the Injectable Moisturizers

They have a deep hydrating immediate effect and make the skin look plumper and smoother. In addition, the preparations also have a longer-term stimulating effect on the extracellular matrix according to the principle of bio-remodeling. This means that even weeks and months after the treatment, the formation of the body's own hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin fibres is stimulated and the skin quality is improved. In my practice in Munich, I offer treatments with Profhilo® and Skinboosters.



Profhilo® is injected at only five precisely defined BAP points (Bio Aesthetic Points) per half of the face and then floods the entire middle and lower third of the face with hyaluronic acid. The skin is intensively moisturised from the inside. Immediately after the treatment, the skin appears fresher and plumper. In contrast to the non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid used in mesotherapy, Profhilo® remains in the tissue 30 times longer to unfold its regenerative effect.



Skinboosters can be used to inject wrinkles in individual regions as well as the entire face. Again, it's not about volume, but hydration and bio-stimulation of the skin from within for smoother, firmer skin and a fresher appearance. I particularly like to use Skinbooster on pleated lines of the lip area, cheek lines or to soften "crow's feet" around the eyes. For skinbooster treatments, I often use the needle-free cannula technique in my practice in Munich. A skin booster can also be used to improve skin quality in the forehead area.

Further applications of Profhilo® and Skinboosters

Injectable Moisturizers can also be used on the neck, décolleté and hands and can be excellently combined with medical needling, for example. Both Profhilo® and Skinbooster can be combined with muscle relaxant and filler treatments as well as skin-image-improving measures. It usually makes sense to carry out the treatments in several individual appointments. During a consultation in my practice in Munich, I will draw up an individual treatment plan.

Further details about this treatment method can be explained in a personal conversation.

Treatment duration: 45 min (with exposure time of the anaesthetic cream)

Onset of action: immediate, further improvement in the longer term

Downtime: swelling possible for 24 - 48 h, bruising possible

Repeat: 2 treatments every 4 weeks, then a booster treatment every 6-12 months.

Costs: from 290,- €

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