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Botox mouth and neck treatment

Botox Neck Lift Munich

The muscle tone of the large superficial neck muscle (platysma) may be increased. As a result, more longitudinal cords become visible on the neck and the lower jaw contour becomes increasingly blurred. In addition, the corners of the mouth may be pulled down.

Nefertiti Neck Lift

Botox treatment of the platysma significantly reduces muscle strands on the neck. The treatment is also known as a "Nefertiti neck lift", as it can have the positive side effect of tightening the jawline. Please note: Botox can only relax muscles. If there is significant elastosis of the skin, only a surgical procedure can usually help.

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Treatment duration: 30 min

Onset of action: full effect after 10 - 14 days

Downtime: none (small bruises possible)

Duration of results: 3 - 4 months

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