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Botox in the lip area

Gummy Smile Treatment Munich

Gummy Smile Treatment

In what is called a gummy smile, a lot of gum is visible when you laugh. Many are very aware of this and find it difficult to laugh spontaneously, especially in photos.

What is the cause of a Gummy Smile?

There is usually a lot of muscle activity. The muscles that attach to the upper lip are more pronounced due to disposition. The high muscle tension leads to more gums being visible when laughing. Sometimes the teeth are also slightly shorter or there is a malocclusion.

How can you treat a Gummy Smile?

One treatment option in my practice in Munich is the Gummy Smile treatment with Botox. The muscle that pulls up the upper lip when laughing is specifically relaxed. As a positive side effect, the base of the nose often appears somewhat narrower when laughing.

Further treatment options

  • - discreet lip modelling with hyaluronic acid
  • - Dental surgery to lengthen short natural tooth crowns (with loss of periodontal attachment).
  • - Maxillofacial surgery in the presence of skeletal dysgnathia

Lip Flip Munich

Botox Lip Flip

It can be perceived as annoying if the upper lip curls inwards when laughing and almost completely "disappears". This can also occur in combination with a Gummy Smile. Here, very targeted and finely dosed botulinum injections into the ring muscles of the lips are a solution. In the case of a very narrow or "tight" upper lip, the Botox Lip Flip can be a good complement to a filler treatment of the lips.

Advantages of the Lip Flip treatment

Filler treatment of the upper lip can result in the dreaded "duckbill" (i.e. a protruding upper lip). This also depends very much on the technique. However, this risk does not exist with the Botox Lip Flip treatment. The upper lip is simply relaxed a little and thus more lip red remains visible. The Lip Flip treatment can also reduce small wrinkles on the upper lip.

Side effects

Serious side effects are not to be expected with a Botox Lip Flip treatment in my practice in Munich. Temporarily, the upper lip may feel a little weaker, which is especially noticeable when eating soup and pronouncing some letters. However, this effect quickly disappears.


Chin Botox

The activity of the chin muscle can increase over time, which can lead on the one hand to a "strawberry chin" or "paving stone chin" with small retractions and on the other hand to an optical narrowing of the lower lip. This muscular imbalance can also be treated with Botox injections in my practice in Munich.


Corner of the Mouth Botox

Drooping corners of the mouth can give the face an unintentionally grumpy expression. If these are caused by muscle pull, then targeted botulinum injections in my practice in Munich can provide relief.

During an appointment, I carry out a precise analysis of the muscle activity in the lip and mouth area and advise individually on the treatment options.

Treatment duration: 30 min

Onset of action: full effect after 10 - 14 days

Downtime: none (small bruises possible)

Duration of results: 3 - 4 months

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